Windows command append command

append Allows programs to open data files in specified directories as if they were in the current directory. If used without parameters, append displays the appended directory list.  Note This command not supported in Windows 10. Syntax append [[<drive>:]<path>[;…]] [/x[:on|:off]] [/path:[:on|:off] [/e] append ; Parameters PARAMETERS Parameter Description [\<drive>:]<path> Specifies a drive and directory to append. /x:on […]

Modifying the PATH command in Windows 10

Here is a concise guide to modifying the PATH on Windows 10. Open the Start Search, type in “env”, and choose “Edit the system environment variables”: Click the “Environment Variables…” button. Under the “System Variables” section (the lower half), find the row with “Path” in the first column, and click edit. The “Edit environment variable” […]

Windws command rem command

rem Records comments in a script, batch, or config.sys file. If no comment is specified, rem adds vertical spacing.  Note This command is internal to the command-line interpreter, cmd.exe. Syntax rem [<comment>] Parameters PARAMETERS Parameter Description <comment> Specifies a string of characters to include as a comment. /? Displays help at the command prompt. Remarks […]

Stop Microsoft Teams from loading at boot

How to stop Microsoft Teams from automatically loading on you Microsoft loves Microsoft Teams…and thinks you should, too. Yes, it’s useful, especially if someone you know schedules you for a meeting over Teams. But if booting up your PC and seeing a Teams window immediately pop up irritates you, you can remove Teams without actually uninstalling it. […]

WIndows command klist command

klist Displays a list of currently cached Kerberos tickets.  Important You must be at least a Domain Admin, or equivalent, to run all the parameters of this command. Syntax klist [-lh <logonID.highpart>] [-li <logonID.lowpart>] tickets | tgt | purge | sessions | kcd_cache | get | add_bind | query_bind | purge_bind Parameters PARAMETERS Parameter Description […]