Setting up your new computer

Adam Patrick Murray/IDG   So you’ve got a new computer. Awesome! That humble metal box is the key to a wide world of potential. It can help you with everything from juggling your finances to keeping in touch with your family to blowing off some steam on, uh, Steam. But a new PC isn’t like a new […]

How to enable Fast Startup in Windows 10

Show of hands: Who feels like it’s too inconvenient to fully shut down your computer at night? Sure, you might save some energy or battery life with a full shutdown, and the system might appreciate having a fresh start in the morning. But who wants to wait around for Windows to boot from scratch? Windows […]

Disabling start up programs in Windows 10 to increase boot times

You can find plenty of Windows programs to help cut down boot times, but they’re not necessary. Everything you need to make Windows faster is already waiting for you in an old, built-in utility: the Task Manager. This storied program isn’t just the place to stop annoying processes that refuse to shut down. The Task […]

How to tell when it’s time to upgrade your router

Experts recommend getting a new router every couple of years. Here’s how to get the most out of your next upgrade if the time has indeed come. Your router just might be one of the most essential gadgets you own — but in a lot of cases, we set the thing up and then hope to never […]

How to install memory (RAM) in your PC

One of the simplest hardware upgrades you can do to make your computer feel snappier is to upgrade your memory. Over the years, operating systems like Windows, software like Photoshop, and now even web browsers like Chrome, have built reputations for being unabashed memory hogs. Older PCs, meanwhile, often have between 2GB and 4GB of […]