Hiw to stop Kodi from Buffering

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Kodi is a great application for streaming movies and tv shows, but sometimes it buffers, which is annoying. This issue is resolved by clearing the Kodi cache, increasing the cache size in the Advanced Settings XML file, registering and integrating real-debrid within Kodi and adding a VPN to your system. These involve installing add-ons and doing cache size calculations. The following is a way I found to stop Kodi buffering from within Kodi and it dosen’t require any technical knowledge.
Step 1-Launch Kodi

Image result for kodi screenshots

Kodi Home Sereen
Step2 – From the home screen, Click on the gear icon on the upper left to access the System settings page. On the Systems page, select the Player icon from the group of icons. On the Player screen, select the gear icon at the bottom of the left menu and change the setting to Expert.

Image result for kodi screenshots

Kodi Systems Page

Select Videos from the top of the menu. On the Videos section, scroll down to the Processing section. Under the Processing section, set the two Allow hardware acceleration buttons to OFF. No restart is required. The streaming should no longer be buffering. Hope this helps! If not, look into performing some or all of the actions outlined in the first paragraph above.