Hoe to Interest Young Girls in Math

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This year at Christmas, I did not have the opportunity to visit my daughter and granddaughter in North Carolina, and they did not visit me.  My daughter and I discussed it at some length and with my preexisting conditions (African-American, hypertension, prediabetes, obesity, and MS), we decided not to risk my health.  Of course, I asked how Ruby was handling school.  The answer was fine, except she hates math.  I chuckled a little because earlier it was revealed that she doesn’t like being told what to do. I had to do the parent thing and say ” vengeance is a dish best served cold”  and reminded my daughter that she, too, was a handful at age 7. My daughter was very good at math when she was in school- I wanted her to become an engineer or some flavor of scientist, but my wife at the time didn’t want me keeping her from doing what she wanted.  So, we discussed the issue and my daughter concluded that she was bored and not getting the needed stimulus.  I told her to be mindful and don’t let Ruby miss getting it because of boredom.  I don’t doubt that she’ll get it.  Right now, she’s inhaling books and reading anything that has words.  She plays with imaginary computers she’s built, and her iPad is full of educational games, and at age 7 she knows her way around Mom’s iMac.