Modifying the PATH command in Windows 10

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Here is a concise guide to modifying the PATH on Windows 10.

  • Open the Start Search, type in “env”, and choose “Edit the system environment variables”:Screenshot of Start Search
  • Click the “Environment Variables…” button.Screenshot of System Properties
  • Under the “System Variables” section (the lower half), find the row with “Path” in the first column, and click edit.
  • The “Edit environment variable” UI will appear. Here, you can click “New” and type in the new path you want to add. From this screen you can also edit or reorder them.
  • Dismiss all of the dialogs by choosing “OK”. Your changes are saved!
  • You will probably need to restart apps for them to pick up the change. Restarting the machine would ensure all apps are run with the PATH change.
  • To test it, in new PowerShell window, type:


The modified path should appear.