Anti Static Wrist Strap ESD Strap A273

  • Protect Electronic Components from Static Electricity:It can help eliminate static electricity from human body in 0.1 second to protect electronic components from static damage.
  • Easy to Wear.Wrap strap around wrist first and connect the alligator clip to the grounding wire to release the static to the ground.
  • Upgraded long Coiled Cord for Wider Range of Movement:It’s up to 9.8 feet after full stretched offering you wider range of movement.
  • High Comfort with the High-quality Elastic Band with smooth round buckle which is adjustable for wrists of most people up to 7.87 inches in perimeter and it won’t scratch your skin and lined your hair on the arm.
  • Great Service :We provide you 60 days full refund and 2 years’ product service.If you have any questions about our product, just feel free to contact us and we will response you in 24 hours.



1.The high-quality elastic band with the flat buckle is very comfortable to wear which won’t scratch your skin and we have upgraded the band length to be adjustable to fit most operators,friendly to various wrist sizes.

2.The wrist band is made of 6 conductive yarns with great conductivity and a high resistance up to 1 MΩ ,helping release the static electricity efficiently.

3.The flexible green PU wire is made of great conductive and ductile material which can be totally recovered after stretched,so it’s not only durable but also looking nice.

4.The alligator clip connects to the lantern buckle tightly and the lantern buckle can be rotated by 360-degree to avoid the wire twining ensuring your work efficiently.

5.The anti-static wrist strap band is a great help for electronics engineer in static occasion such as factory,electronic repairing.And it’s also the most economic and efficient way to protect the electronic components from static damage.


1.Please set your multimeter to measure resistance when you want to confirm that the strap is designed properly and it’s about 1 MΩ of resistance.Do Not Set the Continuity!

2.The working principle of the static band is to release the static of human body to the ground,so you should ensure the wrist touch your skin and connect it to the real ground wire,it can work well and efficiently.